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Extra Clear Glass

Extra clear glass

Having worked as a glazier with over a decade of experience, I can confidently attest to the distinctive qualities and advantages of Extra Clear glass, a type of low-iron glass celebrated for its unparalleled transparency. The manufacturing process, which significantly reduces the iron content, effectively removes the typical greenish tinge often seen in conventional clear glass. This makes Extra Clear glass an exceptional choice for applications demanding high levels of clarity, such as showcase windows and glass storefronts.

What distinguishes Extra Clear Glass from regular clear glass?

Extra Clear glass offers a significant advantage over regular clear glass – its exceptional clarity. While regular float glass may have a slight greenish hue, Extra Clear glass is almost like a perfect crystal, providing unmatched clarity. This higher level of transparency is achieved by removing a significant portion of iron from the glass during the manufacturing process. Besides, Extra Clear glass edges are brilliantly polished, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Pricing: Extra Clear Glass vs Regular Float Glass

Given its superior clarity and finely polished edges, Extra Clear glass tends to command a higher price point than standard float glass. The cost disparity, however, depends on the particular project specifications. On average, Extra Clear glass is likely to cost around 30-40% more compared to standard float glass.

Extra Clear Glass and Low Iron Glass: Are They the Same?

Yes, the terms ‘Extra Clear glass’ and ‘Low Iron glass’ are used interchangeably, both denoting the same type of glass.

Applications for Extra Clear Glass

Due to its superior transparency, Extra Clear glass finds its place in numerous high-end residential and commercial applications. Some of the common uses of this glass type include:

  • Display windows
  • Glass shopfronts
  • Partition walls
  • Shower screens
  • Tabletops

If you desire to give your project a sleek, modern look, Extra Clear glass could be just the right choice for you. Explore its potential and experience the difference it brings to the table.

What Our Clients Say About Extra Clear Glass

To illustrate the practical benefits of Extra Clear Glass, we’ve compiled some testimonials and case studies from clients who have witnessed remarkable changes post-installation:

Case Study: Residential Home in Coogee
Sarah Johnson, a homeowner in Sydney, decided to switch to Extra Clear Glass. She reported, “Our home immediately felt more open and modern. The Extra Clear Glass offers such pristine clarity that it almost feels like there’s no barrier at all. Moreover, it beautifully shows off our ocean view without any greenish tint.”

Case Study: Gucci Store, Sydney
Lyly Luliano, the store manager of Gucci in Sydney, oversaw the installation of Extra Clear glass in the storefront. She said, “Our product display has never looked better. The crystal-clear transparency of Extra Clear Glass lets our luxury items truly shine. We’ve experienced a noticeable increase in customer engagement and foot traffic since the installation.”

Case Study: Sahra by the River, Parramatta
Ryan A, a restaurant owner, shared his experience: “The Extra Clear glass we installed for our restaurant windows and partitions added an elegant touch to our interiors. It creates a feeling of openness and enhances our patrons’ dining experience by offering unobstructed views. It was a worthy investment.

Khalil Chahine
Khalil Chahine

Khalil is the owner of Splendid Window Glass Repairs and has over 8 years experience as a glazier specialising in window glass repair, replacement and installations. Khalil takes great pride in his work and prides himself on providing an excellent service to all of his customers, no matter how big or small the job may be.