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Frosted Glass

Experience the perfect blend of privacy and elegance with frosted glass.
Having spent a decade as a glazier, I’ve seen its transformative power in both homes and offices.
Dive into this guide to uncover the costs, benefits, potential downsides, and answers to common queries.
Whether planning a project or just exploring, get the insider scoop here.

Cost of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can be 20-40% pricier than clear glass. Prices fluctuate based on frosting techniques and glass specifications. While sandblasted frosting sits at the higher end, etching is often more budget friendly.

Glass Type Cost (per sqm)
Float Glass $46
Reeded Glass $75
Frosted Glass (etched) $65
Frosted Glass (sandblasting) $150

Advantages of Frosted Glass

  • Privacy Meets Light: Enjoy seclusion without sacrificing sunlight.
  • Sophisticated Look: Elevate a

Drawbacks of Frosted Glass

Despite its numerous advantages, there are a few considerations to bear in mind with frosted glass:
  • Price: Frosted variants are generally costlier.
  • Upkeep: Its texture might attract more dust, requiring frequent cleaning.
  • Light Alteration: It might slightly dim incoming light, so consider your space’s lighting needs.

Nevertheless, frosted glass continues to be a popular choice for various applications, including door glass replacement.

How to Clean Frost Glass


Examples of Frosted Glass

frosted glass door
frosted glass door
Frosted Glass Window
Frosted Glass Window
frosted glass shower screen
frosted glass shower screen
Frosted glass partitions
Frosted glass partitions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries about frosted glass:

Frosted glass is a subcategory of obscure glass, which broadly encompasses all types of glass that minimize light transmission. Other varieties of obscure glass include fluted, textured, or patterned glass. To learn more about these and other types of glass, you can visit our page on different types of glass.

Frosted glass is semi-transparent, diffusing light and permitting some degree of visibility. For complete privacy, one might prefer opaque glass or another non-transparent material.

Absolutely. Frosted glass, particularly when implemented with window film, significantly bolsters a building’s energy efficiency. It adeptly minimizes heat escape during chilly winter months and curtails heat penetration in the summertime. As a result, homeowners and businesses alike can enjoy noticeable reductions in their energy expenditures.

Frosted glass, while known for its privacy-enhancing qualities, permits a significant amount of light to pass through. Typically, over 90% of light can be transmitted through frosted glass, similar to standard windows. Moreover, frosted glass has the added advantage of diminishing UV radiation and effectively reducing the sun’s glare, providing both illumination and protection.

Customer Reviews & Case Studies

Case Study 1: Office Partitions in a Law Firm

Customer Review: Kate, Rafton Lawyers

“We decided to use frosted glass partitions in our law firm to provide privacy while still maintaining an open and connected atmosphere. It has transformed our work environment. The frosted glass creates an ideal balance between seclusion and collaboration. The elegant aesthetics of the frosted glass have certainly added to the professional ambience of our office space. Although initially, we were concerned about the cost, the enhanced work environment and positive feedback from clients and employees have affirmed that it was a sound investment.”

frosted glass office partitions at Rafton Lawyers

Case Study 2: The Elegant Residential Bathroom

Customer Review from Mrs. Johnson:

We recently renovated our master bathroom and wanted a shower screen  that was both functional and added an element of sophistication. After consulting with our contractor, we decided to go with a frosted glass door. We were thrilled with the outcome! The frosted glass not only provides us with the privacy we desire but also adds a touch of luxury to our bathroom. Even though it demands a bit more effort in cleaning, the final look is well worth it!

frosted shower doors


“Frosted glass offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from enhanced privacy and aesthetic appeal to durability and versatility. However, one must also consider the higher cost, cleaning difficulty, and reduced light transmission. With my extensive experience in the glass industry, I am confident in recommending frosted glass as an excellent choice, whether it’s for a first time installation or a window glass replacement.

Alternatives to Frosted Glass

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