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An Insider's Look at Laminated Glass:
A Glazier's Perspective

After spending many years working in the Australian glass industry, I’ve gained a significant understanding of the myriad of glass types available. One such variety that has seen considerable advancement in recent years is laminated glass.

Laminated Glass

Introduction to Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a marvel of modern glass technology. It is a composite material formed by bonding two or more layers of glass with one or more plastic interlayers, using intense heat and pressure. This robust, impact-resistant material is utilized across a broad spectrum of applications, from vehicles to architectural structures.

Laminated Glass Diagram

Benefits of Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Benefits

Laminated glass offers numerous advantages, making it a versatile and preferable choice for different applications:


The foremost advantage of laminated glass is its enhanced safety. Its interlayer prevents shards from scattering if the glass breaks, making it suitable for safety-conscious environments like office buildings, schools, and hospitals.


Laminated glass provides excellent sound absorption due to its interlayer, effectively reducing noise and proving useful in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. Laminated glass made specifically for the purposing of soundproofing is called acoustic glass.

UV Protection

The interlayer in laminated glass filters UV rays, preventing fading and sun-induced damages, making it ideal for museums, art galleries, or any place where UV protection is crucial.


As it is challenging to break, laminated glass offers excellent security. It can deter potential intruders, making it suitable for high-security areas like jewelry stores and banks.


Laminated glass can be customized to incorporate tinted interlayers, enabling it to create various aesthetic effects. This feature makes it an excellent choice for aesthetically driven applications, such as office buildings and retail stores.

Disadvantages of Laminated Glass

Despite its advantages, laminated glass has a few drawbacks:


Laminated glass is comparatively expensive due to its complex manufacturing process. This increased cost can sometimes render it unsuitable for certain applications.


The additional interlayer contributes to laminated glass’s overall weight, making it heavier and, as a result, more challenging to handle, install, and ship. Its weight also makes it unsuitable for certain applications (see case study 3 below)


Laminated glass can have slight distortion, meaning it’s not as clear as regular annealed glass, which can pose a problem where optimal clarity is required.

Common Uses For Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is extensively used in windshields for its shatter-resistant properties. It is ideal for skylights, offering superior UV protection. Its impact resistance and enhanced security make it popular for storefronts, office buildings, and residential applications.

What is the Cost of Laminated Glass?

The cost of laminated glass can fluctuate based on size, thickness, and type. A 6mm thick sheet of laminated glass can range from $250 to $450 per square meter, contingent on the brand and type.

Navigating Laminated Glass Thickness

Laminated glass thickness varies based on its application. Typically, safety glass used for windows and doors is around 6.38mm, whereas balustrades and pool fences employ thicker versions, ranging from 10-15mm.

Laminated Glass Case Studies

Case Study 1: Improved Security in Suburban Residence

In a quiet suburb of Canley Vale NSW, the Nguyen family wanted to enhance the security of their home following a series of burglaries in their neighborhood. After consulting with our local glaziers, they decided to replace their existing regular glass windows with laminated glass.

Following the upgrade, the Nguyen’s reported an increased sense of security and peace of mind. Their home became more resistant to potential break-ins, as the tough nature of laminated glass is a strong deterrent to intruders.


laminated glass window installation we did at Canley Vale NSW

Case Study 2: High-End Retail Store in Sydney

In the heart of Sydney CBD shopping district, a luxury retail store needed a solution that could enhance the security of their valuable merchandise without compromising on the store’s aesthetic appeal. Their decision was to install laminated glass windows and displays.

The laminated glass gave the store a sophisticated look while providing a heightened level of security. It proved to be a deterrent to potential burglars, and the store reported no break-in attempts since the installation.

Installation of display window with laminated glass at Fendi - Shop 1, 135/137B Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000

Case Study 3: Casement Window Issue in Stanmore, NSW (A negative experience with laminated glass)

A homeowner in Stanmore, NSW, was looking to enhance his classic casement windows by replacing the original glass with laminated glass. Guided by the advice of he’s builder, he hoped to increase the windows’ safety and soundproofing. However, after installation, the considerably heavier laminated glass created complications. The windows became difficult to operate and the additional weight strained the original window hinges.

Realizing that he was making little progress with the initial glass replacement company, the homeowner sought the help of Splendid Window Glass Repairs. We presented two options to rectify the situation: installing heavy-duty hinges capable of supporting the laminated glass but potentially compromising the aesthetic of the classic windows, or replacing the laminated glass with toughened glass, which is lighter but still provides enhanced safety.

After careful consideration, the homeowner decided to replace all the laminated glass with toughened glass. The result was satisfying – the windows retained their charm and functioned smoothly. However, the entire exercise proved costly due to the initial incorrect advice and the necessity to replace the newly installed laminated glass. This case emphasizes the importance of consulting with experienced and trusted professionals when making significant home improvements such as window glass replacements.


Is laminated glass better than toughened glass?

While both laminated and toughened glass are classified as grade A safety glass, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Laminated glass excels in noise reduction and remains intact even when broken, while toughened glass is better at resisting impact and is the more economical option. For more info, check out our article about laminated glass vs toughened glass

Is laminated glass bulletproof?

While laminated glass is indeed more resistant to breaking and can withstand more impact than regular glass, it is not inherently bulletproof. However, specific types of bullet-resistant glass are made from multiple layers of laminated glass and polycarbonate.

Can laminated glass be cut or resized after it's been produced?

Yes, laminated glass can be cut, but the process is more complex compared to cutting regular glass due to the plastic interlayer. Cutting laminated glass is a two-stage process. First, the glass is scored on both sides and the edges are opened. Then, a special tool is used to cut through the plastic interlayer.

Can I use laminated glass in a fireplace or high-temperature settings?

No, laminated glass is not suitable for high-temperature settings as the heat can affect the plastic interlayer, causing it to bubble or distort. For these environments, specialized heat-resistant glass is recommended.

Can laminated glass be recycled?

Laminated glass recycling is more complex than regular glass due to the interlayer. While the glass components can be recycled, the plastic interlayer typically ends up as waste. However, efforts are being made to improve the recycling process for laminated glass.

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Khalil is the owner of Splendid Window Glass Repairs and has over 8 years experience as a glazier specialising in window glass repair, replacement and installations. Khalil takes great pride in his work and prides himself on providing an excellent service to all of his customers, no matter how big or small the job may be.